Our Team

At Aspen, we partner with clients, program participants, funders, donors and community organizations to unlock potential and transform lives. This foundation drives what we do and how we work. Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines in order to represent the diversity of our community and bring multiple approaches and perspectives to the table.

The executive leadership team is collectively responsible for ensuring Aspen meets its mission and makes a tangible and positive social impact in our community. We help find innovative solutions for broad, community-wide social issues while helping individuals, families and community residents overcome immediate challenges and build the skills and capacity needed to live independently and be contributing citizens.

The team works together to ensure that the organization is adapting to the changing environment and contributing to the creation of sustainable futures for people and communities. 

Aspen’s Executive Leadership Team consists of:

Shirley Purves, Chief Executive Officer

Shirley has more than 40 years of experience in the human service field, working in remote northern communities, rural communities and bustling urban centres in three provinces. She has managed a variety of programs including surgical, emergency, nursing and facility-wide patient care services for numerous health facilities and community-based services.

As CEO, Shirley represents Aspen in the community, forges strategic partnerships and keeps Aspen deeply connected to our community. She guides the Aspen executive leadership team in a collaborative process of decision-making to ensure that Aspen continues to make a tangible and positive social impact, and is poised to meet the challenges of the future.