Aspen is an established human services agency that has been helping children, teens, adults and families in Calgary for more than 30 years. From humble roots, Aspen has grown into a bold, thoughtful and trusted innovator in tackling community social issues.

Aspen began operation in 1984, under the name Mountain Plains Community Services of Calgary.  Initially, the agency operated foster parent support programs, residential group care and support to youth.  By 1993, the agency had expanded to operate an expanded foster care program as well as community outreach and family support offerings.

Throughout the 90s, the agency continued to expand its reach into the community through community development services - In 1998, the agency formed as an independent society and became Aspen Family and Community Network Society.

Aspen continues to respond to community need through outreach and support to families experiencing homelessness and social isolation.  Over the years, Aspen has been recognized for its innovative and effective services at the community level.