Community Development

People need community to thrive.

At the heart of building community and building strong neighbourhoods are shared attitudes, values and behaviours that create a neighbourhood culture – a way of thinking, feeling and acting in relation to those who live in proximity to us. A sense of neighbourhood is built through regular interactions with the people around us, getting to know them, finding things we have in common, gaining an appreciation of what diversity brings to our own block, learning the benefits of mutual assistance and looking out for one another’s interests and well-being.

This is what motivates and makes it possible for people to come together at a neighbourhood level to address issues that affect them and to take on activities that create the kind of neighbourhood they want to have for themselves and their families. The residents are the best ones to know what is required to ensure safe, resilient, strong neighbourhoods and what better way to affect change than to lead by example? Aspen can support, train, encourage and provide resources for residents to do this important work, but cannot do it for them. In our experience, residents have the capacity to do this work; engage and, in turn, mobilize within their communities to build and shape positive change for all