Change begins with our young people

Children and youth are the most vulnerable to social problems, but they are also the key to solving them. Virtually every effective prevention program, be it aimed at poverty, domestic violence, homelessness, etc., targets our young people.

Why? Because without investment our children are destined to repeat the same cycles that put their parents and families at risk in the first place. But with the right supports, our children can break these unhealthy patterns and learn to live strong, resilient lives as contributing members of society.

Alberta Human Services says that at some point in their lives, about 20% of children face at-risk circumstances such as parental low income, low education, poor health, social isolation and lack of supportive networks. At Aspen, our youth programs instill hope, confidence and empowerment to support our young people in making the positive choices and changes needed to create better lives.

Building strong communities starts with our young people.