New Look for Aspen

Aspen proudly unveils a new digital presence.

04/25/2013 - Aspen CEO, Shirley Purves invites you to visit the website stating,  “We are thrilled at this opportunity to unveil our new look in a medium we believe can foster engagement, increase our accessibility and serve to increase awareness about who we are and what we do.” Aspen has been around for close to 30 years, helping the city’s most vulnerable. “We have always believed that branding and communications are vital in our efforts in breaking the cycle of poverty. “ Aspen helps over 6000 people a year. With a scope of work that spans over 167 communities, you can find Aspen programs almost anywhere. From schools, resource centers, emergency shelters to a client’s living room, helping them put together a personalized plan to creating a better life…Aspen is everywhere, and now they are looking to expand their reach online.

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