2013 Flood Update

Letter from CEO

I'd like to start by taking a moment to recognize just how fortunate we all are to be living in such an amazingly supportive community. We are in awe of how many individuals and corporations have contacted us to check in and offer support. For that, I would like to express my sincerest thanks.

During the chaos of the flood we were fortunate to be able to keep our doors open and will continue to do so in support of Calgary and area's most vulnerable people. Although our NE Office space is secure our downtown building has been affected. Thursday night we managed to safely evacuate the nine youth residing in our downtown apartment building. They are safe and that is our primary concern at this point. As I write this, the preliminary assessment of damage revealed flood damage to the basement apartments, group area and site office.  We will be making appeals for support once we have a better understanding of the need, based on a final assessment.  As with Bragg Creek, Calgary, Siksika Nation, High River, Morley and other Southern Alberta communities the true work will be in rebuilding. I have full faith that as a community we will rally around one another to not-only restore what was damaged but continue to find hope in tragedy.

I'd like to thank all of the amazing civil servants, organizations and community agencies that are tirelessly working to support those affected. You truly are awe-inspiring. I speak for our organization when I say how proud I am to be part of this network of supports.

A big thank you needs to go out to our team at Aspen. Many of you have given up your time and resources to go above and beyond what is required amidst your own personal trials. I thank you for this and acknowledge that as the water recedes the true toll of emotional, mental and physical impacts on the community will become evident. With your support, we will continue to help people create better lives, inspire hope and do whatever it takes to support sustainable futures for children, youth, families and communities. 

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Thank you for your ongoing support,

Shirley Purves

CEO, Aspen