Support Homes

Aspen provides support homes in the community for children and youth who are involved in drug treatment and eating disorder programs. These homes provide temporary, safe, supportive living arrangements for those attending the 8-12 week Eating Disorder Day Treatment program at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, or Alberta Health Service’s Youth Addiction 12-week ACTION Program.

The Youth Re-Engagement program provides youth aged 12 to 17 years and their families who are involved with Calgary and Area Child and Family Services the opportunity to stay in the homes of licensed caregivers on a temporary basis. Licensed caregivers provide the youth with support, guidance and mentorship and form part of the support team, in actively working towards re-uniting the youth with his/her family, or natural supports.

Support and training is provided to support home providers through 24-hour access to a support worker, daily/weekly contact, support meetings and special events.

To become involved please contact Trish at 403-219-3477 ext. 188